Dedicated Nurse Tamar Darmas Serves on COVID-19 Response Team

Dedicated Nurse Tamar Darmas Serves on COVID-19 Response Team

A graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, Tamar Darmas works as a travel nurse and rapid response nurse serving on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Miami, Florida, as part of the COVID-19 response team, Tamar Darmas works with the state’s Department of Health and National Guard to create efficient drive-through testing sites that can identify the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Prior to working as a rapid response nurse in Florida, Ms. Darmas spent several months as a COVID-19 travel nurse at Englewood Hospital in New Jersey. At the acute care hospital, she primarily worked with COVID-19 patients. Her duties included medication administration, IV fluid maintenance, aerosol and nebulizer treatments and focused respiratory assessments.

Ms. Darmas specializes in Intensive care unit, Step down, medical surgical, and emergency room visits. Her expertise in nursing expands for almost a decade now. Ms. Darmas trained extensively in the world renown Texas Medical Center.

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Tamar Darmas
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